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Things to do in Sheffield

If you go to South Yorkshire, there is a beautiful piece of landscape that could be irresistibly attractive to your heart and soul. That place is called Sheffield. It is surrounded by green fields, rock climbing destinations, historic castes, spiritual places, adventurous peaks, and romantic destinations. There is a lot you can do in Sheffield for weeks and months. So, let’s begin our exploration of historical memories.

Alfred Denny Museum – Where History Meets Today

Alfred Denny Museum was established in the year 1950. It is made of the finest quality red brick and it has 7- storey structure.  If you are interested in the zoological history of Sheffield from prehistoric times, it is the right place to visit. Here you have a lot of exploration to do. Apart from the museum, the building has many laboratories in which students and researchers conduct exploration of extinct plant and animal species based on their remnants. You can take notes and learn about the evolution of life in Sheffield.

Summit Ascent – Get Adventurous

You can afford to get highly adventurous at the Summit Ascent to climb some of the steep hills around the city. You can visit 1 Rushdale Rd, Sheffield S8 9QA, to start your tour. It is better to go in groups rather than alone. Get the best guide from here who is also an expert climber. He can choose the best location and route for you, based on your capacity and present health conditions.

Sheffield Arts Tower – Explore Architecture and Art

The building is located at 12 Bolsover Street. You can use the lifts to go up 20 floors high and get a glimpse of entire Sheffield from there. Apart from that, you can also see and learn from a large collection of architectural models from all over the UK and Europe.

Rivelin Valley Nature Trail – Get Active

If you want to spend an active day in Sheffield, the best thing to do is get into Rivelin Valley Nature Trail. The travel starts from Sheffield S6 5FG. You can pass through many small and big waterfalls along your path. You can also get to see the olden wheel pits. If you wish to extend your walk, the Moors in peak district provide the ideal place. Go in a group and take an experienced guide to find the safest routes and interesting places to explore.

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet – Dig into History

If you wish to see an ancient monument that houses the Abbeydale industrial hamlet is the right place. It is located at S72QW, Abbeydale Road South. It houses all the objects of industrial England from the 13th century to the industrial revolution. You can see how the age of metallurgy got transformed from simple cottages to the large industries. The monument also houses models of giant wheels used for agriculture, electricity generation, and other applications down the history line. The giant stone wheels have beautiful carvings on them, representing the transformation of manufacturing, processing and weaving industries from the cottage to the modern era. It is a place you don’t wish to miss.