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Tourist Attractions in Sheffield

Tourist Attractions in Sheffield- Graves Park

If you travel three miles to the south of the city centre, you can arrive at the Graves Park. It is one of the best-preferred places for your children. It has two attractive children’s parks. Once you reach here, it is easier to find many nature trails for your family adventure. The walking trail from Grave Park to Endcliffe Park is one of the most interesting paths you can find here. Or you can follow the opposite route. Then you pass through the Porter Valley, RINGINGINGLO, WHIRLOW, and finally reach Grave Park. It would be a great experience if you can take the help of a guide, especially when visiting this path for the first time.

Tourist Attractions in Sheffield – Weston Park Museum

Weston Park museum is one of the largest of its kinds in the UK. It houses all the collections of historical, zoological, cultural, artistic and musical, industrial and scientific models and objects. Decorative art has been one of the oldest forms of art in Sheffield. According to history, it might have started even before the arrival of Anglo-Saxons in this region. You can find many similarities between the art, jewellery and ornamental objects of the pre-Saxon period with the Roman culture and tradition. For example, the pendants and the bracelets used by the native people of those times have similarity in design and conduction mechanism with the Roman jewellery and ornaments. The Weston Park Museum contains many equipment and tools used during the bronze and copper age in Sheffield. You can also find many of the artefacts, architectural structures, painting, pottery and other household items from the Saxon period.

Tourist Attractions in Sheffield – Elsecar Heritage Railway

The best place to explore the history of British railways from the first ever locomotive steam engine to the most modern diesel engine is the Elsecar Heritage Railway. The place offers many types of excursions within its interiors to learn about the engineering, chemical and thermodynamic aspects of the railway engines, and its related machinery and equipment. Apart from that you can also find the miniature models and working models of the objects used in signalling, connecting and other features used in railway stations from the first locomotive to the modern times. This place is worth visiting if you have an interest in exploring how the railways speeded up the scientific and industrial revolutions across the UK.

Tourist Attractions in Sheffield- Workshop

If you travel 17 miles from Sheffield to the South West, you can find the Workshop. It is the best place to find rarest collections of music, art, drama, arts and other cultural heritage monuments of Sheffield. You can go back to the pre-Christ era and also the Gothic cultural history when you visit the Workshop.

If you are interested in music, Workshop is a great place to visit. You can find the antique models of Roman, Saxon, and other European musical instruments. The timeline of musical instrument evolution shows the development and changes in the world of music from the pre-classical era, to classical and modern era.