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Working in Sheffield

Sheffield is the city in which the job market is booming at a rate of 13.7% according to 2018 statistics. Earlier trends were strongly in favour of industrial and business jobs. The focus is gradually shifting to the field of electronics, Information technology, digital marketing, engineering, and medical fields. If you are a British citizen migrating from the other parts of UK, you can easily find job openings here. If you are an immigrant, the federal immigration and Visa processing office at Vulcan House, 6 Millsands, Sheffield S3 8NU can help you immigrate. You may choose work Visa, PR visa, dependency visa, Spouse visa, or even citizenship in Sheffield. Once the government clears your application and gives the approval it is easy to work in Sheffield.

Sheffield rental Homes – Best and Affordable

The first thing you have to ensure in Sheffield is a rental home. If your organization takes care of accommodation, 50% of your problem will be solved. Otherwise, you have to depend on the local rental property consultant. You may opt for 1, 2, or 3 bedroom house depending on your monthly income, family size, and the kind of furnishing you wish to have. A typical 3 bedroom house in Onslow road may cost you £900 PCM with fees and deposits. Any house that is available within this range will be semi-furnished. If you wish to have fully furnished house with a centralised HVAC system, you may have to pay between £1200 PCM and £1900 PCM. 1 bedroom houses in Sheffield may cost you between £290 PCM and £300 PCM. You can also find large double bedroom houses for sharing with the other family. Furnished rooms for rent are available from £275 PCM to £370 PCM.

Sheffield –Transportation

Sheffield Super tram service is the largest and most economical means of transportation. You can travel on the Super tram and also city link classes. Yellow, blue, pink, and rose are the three distinct lines run by the corporation. You may travel from Leppings lane to Meadow hall south in one direction and till WESTFIELD in the other direction. You can also find a tack to Headings Park and Malin Bridge. Apart from regular services, you can avail dedicated peak hour services. Average ticket prices range from £3 to £10.

You can also find a lot of private and public buses in Sheffield. Daily tickets cost you £4.5. 7-day ticket costs you £15.8 and 28-day ticket costs you £59. You may use the ticket for an entire day across any of the route and company.

Sheffield- Cost of Living

Sheffield farmers market is the best place where you can find groceries, vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry and seafood at the best quality and affordable prices.  The market is open on Fridays and it is located near Old Parish Church, 125 Main St, Sheffield, MA 01257. Another good place to find is the Indian groceries market on Abbeydale Road and London Road.

Sheffield –Schools

Sheffield city council runs schools. Your children get the best education and training from these schools (Ex: Valley Park Community School, Lowedges Junior Academy, and Monteney Primary School).